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Perspective Z is a publication of opinions from Generation Z about varying topics.

This is a showcase of ideas and opinions of young diverse college students whose mission is to educate others on their individual perspectives.

"The Tapestry Initiative of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, is designed to engage Rider University students in unique media learning and teaching opportunities, including filmmaking, opinion, journalistically impactful reporting, and community educational presentations that foster reflection of the cultural and life experiences of underrepresented populations."

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Danielle Jackson

My name is Danielle Jackson I'm a junior double major in film and history and I live in Voorhees, New Jersey. I enjoy watching films, exercising, and reading in my free time.

Shamiya Ford

My name is Shamiya Ford and I am a double major in English Literature and Game & Interactive Media Design at Rider University. I am passionate about art, animation, literature, languages, writing and education. I aspire to be a successful animator, bestselling author and professor one day.

Esteban Collado

Hi, I’m Esteban Collado. I am a junior at Rider University majoring in Filmmaking, TV & Radio. I am a graduate of the Performing Arts Academy of Arthur P. Schalick High School. I joined Tapestry to expand my knowledge in the different aspects of media.

Tatyanna Carman

My name is Tatyanna Carman. I am a senior journalism major at Rider University and I am also a copy editor at The Rider News on campus. I am one of the student editors of Perspective Z. I love all types of writing such as writing journalistically, poetry and short stories. I joined Tapestry because I am passionate about sharing the stories of the overlooked and underrepresented.

Rikiyah Nahjé Mixson

My name is Rikiyah Nahjé Mixson, I am a junior at Rider University majoring in Communication Studies. The most important aspects of my life are the things and people that make me happy. I am very close to my parents and my three siblings. At this point in my life I do not know what exactly are my aspirations in life, but I love being faced with new challenges, watching basketball, dancing, acting, and singing in the mirror. I joined Tapestry through a recommendation from my chairman/ professor in my department, and after attending a meeting I felt like this was the place I belonged. My goal is to use my voice to inform and inspire as many people as I can while learning more myself.

Qur’an Hansford

Hello, I am Qur’an Hansford and a senior at Rider University. I am currently studying journalism and have been writing as a hobby for years. I’ve joined Tapestry because of our mission to shed light on the underrepresented populations.

Keyonna Murray

My name is Keyonna Murray and I am a sophmore double majoring in Public Relations and Political Science. In the past, I’ve written for town newspapers, as well as the blog of a non-profit organization as part of an internship. My passions include writing, reading, public speaking, learning, and helping other people. I love tackling different cultural issues and am incredibly excited to cultivate my love for activism through Tapestry!
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