Dependence on tuition and fees

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  • More than 90% of Rider’s revenues come from tuition and fees, room and board. 86% is the most recent average for schools with Rider’s bond rating.

  • Rider works strategically and effectively to recruit and retain students, including enhancing financial aid awards to better meet student needs. Awards are funded by Rider’s operating budget as well as by donor scholarship gifts.

  • Our goal is to maintain, or if possible, to grow the current level of enrollments even as the pool of available students declines and competition for students increases.

  • Revenue growth is slowing for private colleges due to enrollment declines related to demographics and stagnant family incomes. Those universities with the best prospects going forward will be those that adjust to the "new normal."
  • It is very important that Rider do a better job at enhancing its fund raising capacity both for operating and capital expenses.

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