What are your goals?

The Rider News asked both sides what they would like to achieve.

Administration AAUP
To help build an understanding that bringing revenue and expense into balance is critical to Rider's academic excellence, strong scholarship support for students, and long term financial health and competitiveness.  We don’t want to wait for a crisis to act.

To commit that we will find the right solutions for Rider through the open sharing of information, the continuing dialog within our community, and a collaborative approach to problem solving.

To reassure the community that Rider’s focus on quality, affordability and student service will not change as we continue to address the challenging financial climate in higher education.
In many ways we share Vice President Karns’ stated goals, but these stated goals are in conflict with the overall administration message—that the University is in financial crisis and only radical re-engineering will save it.

The AAUP believes that the University is not in crisis, and while prudent planning is always called for, radical steps are more likely to lead to disaster than prevent it.

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